The multidisciplinary approach is granted by the presence of expertise covering the field of geology and materials science, institutions for management and preservations of the cathedrals, restoration companies and also nano-particles and coating producers.

The multidisciplinary approach and the inclusion of industrial partners directly involved in the production processes and technology of restoration will allow the development of affordable methodologies, granting reliability of the developed chain.



Proof of concept in terms of product and/or process will be delivered within the project, demonstrating scalability towards industrial needs. In particular the treatment onto stones will be  tested in terms of efficacy, by selecting proper measurements for testing the consolidation and protection, and also durability, making tests of accelerated aging.

Dedicated modelling, tailored characterizations, standardization of the production and treatments application will be also object of activities in the NANO-CATHEDRAL project, aimed at enabling decision makers to access to restoration and conservation with a systematic awareness based on in situ systematic experimentations.

This kind of synergy is NANO-CATHEDRAL’s key for innovation.



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